8 Ways to Independently Fund Studying Abroad

1. Don’t Settle for Minimum Wage

“Ugh I need a job.” The mantra of college students everywhere. Although it’s people’s impression that there are “no job openings” ever, I’m here to tell you that there most definitely is. More often than not, people just aren’t willing to give up their Friday and Saturday nights for some extra cash. Especially if they pay is only minimum wage.

I will be totally honest, you WILL NOT make even a fraction of the money you want to save to study abroad at a minimum wage job. It’s just not possible unless you start saving about 3 years in advance. As students, you are most likely unable to work full time, so working a minimum wage job for 20 hours a week just won’t cut it.

To this I say, just say no (to minimum wage!) There are plenty of jobs that don’t pay minimum wage. Do your research, ask your friends, hop online. There are many ways to make a higher wage or gain tips to increase your income.

With that being said, you need to be prepared to sacrifice a lot more of your time and effort in exchange for a higher pay. Having worked for In-N-Out Burger, whom are known for paying their employees well, for over year, I can vouch that I definitely EARN my money. I work 35 hour weeks quite often and don’t get home until 3 am some nights. It’s worth the work when you get that paycheck and think about that weekend trip to Berlin you’ll get to take while abroad though!

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