For a large majority of those planning to study abroad, finding funding to cover tuition fees and living expenses is a major priority,finding the relevant scholarship to study abroad is just the first step; you then still need to write a concentrated and convincing application in time for each deadline! But if you start by dedicating time to a thorough search down all these pathways, at least you’ll know you haven’t missed out on any opportunities. Taking time to identify the scholarships which best match your own situation and strengths should also give you a better chance of submitting a successful application

Scholarship applications
After you have decided where and which study abroad scholarships you want to apply for, this is the most important stage. Remember that scholarship applications are highly competitive and with limited scholarships available, your application needs to really stand out.

Academic excellence is the most obvious of the criteria, but you can also stand out by showing your passion for your subject and what you have done to further it through voluntary work, extracurricular activities, awards and work experience. Make sure you give a rounded impression of yourself in scholarship applications and what you want to achieve, as well as what the scholarship will do for you.

Scholarship deadlines
This is super important! Fill out your scholarship applications as early as possible – leaving it to the last minute will mean you’re rushed and unlikely to show yourself at your best. And missing the deadline will usually rule out your chances entirely.