A level

A’level (Advanced Level) qualifications are usually obtained after two years of studying. The first year used to be called AS level and the second year used to be called A2, so you might recognise those names. You will expect to study A levels in three different subjects, although occasionally we advise students to study four subjects for specialist courses.

A’levels are ideal for focused and hardworking students in their last two years of high school. If you excel in a particular area you will like A levels as the courses allow you to explore a small number of subjects in a lot of depth, providing specialised preparation towards further study.

A’levels are the most common route for entry to Higher Education in the UK, so you can be sure your hard work will be recognised by all the top universities in the UK and around the world.

Quick facts: Age:15 1/2+* ; Course length: 6 terms (Sep start), 5 terms (Jan start) ; Hours per week: 31 hours